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Hi, we're Jake and Amy Lundahl. We create experiences where horses and humans connect and learn together.


Are you starting a young horse? Retraining an older one? Trying to fix bad habits? We help horse owners achieve these goals with greater levels of safety, confidence, and happiness than they ever dreamed possible.


If you want transformational results in your horsemanship, you've come to the right place. Our proven, optimized training system teaches "Skills That Scale" — building the foundation for your horse's lifelong success.

Get the hands-on help you need to boost your horse's performance, gain confidence, and overcome what's holding you back. We travel to where you live and ride and deliver two days of powerful, personalized instruction. 


$3,000 Private Lesson Package

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$5,000 Horse Training Program

You already own your dream horse. You just don't know it yet. Let us help you eliminate the stresses of training, solve problems, unlock new levels of trust and confidence with your horse, and set both of you on a long-term path to success. 

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Colt Starting Secrets
$127 Online Course

Learn how to start or re-train any horse and build the ultimate foundation in just 8 weeks. Watch full-length training sessions filmed with multiple client horses in our program. Every step is shown and explained in detail. 

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Foundations of Excellence
$257 Online Course

Master the art of transitioning a horse from the "green" stage to higher levels of softness, control and finesse. Filmed with 2 students who each brought a trained horse and an unstarted colt to our summer horsemanship academy.

The Science of Success With Horses

Horse training is a process that can — and should — be optimized for safety, consistency, time efficiency, ease of learning, and quality of result for both human and horse.

We don't believe in luck, magic, or esoteric woo-woo nonsense. We're not interested in feel-good gimmicks or being "popular".


Instead we follow hard data generated from real-world results with our clients and their horses. We follow the latest developments in equine brain science. And we focus on getting the best possible outcomes for every horse and rider while keeping them safe, happy, and healthy.


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Start or re-train any horse in just 8 weeks