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Helping horses and humans connect, learn, and achieve more together.

For 14+ years, we’ve been perfecting the art of starting and retraining horses.  Here you'll learn: Who we are, Who we help, What we do, our Philosophy and our Story.



Who we are


We are professional horsemen Jake and Amy Lundahl. We train, teach lessons and produce instructional content. Located in Newbury, Ohio.

Who we help


We help horse owners, riders, and trainers working with green colts or horses that need a better foundation. We work with those who genuinely desire to improve themselves and their horses. These horse owners are motivated and their horses may have potential, but they lack the necessary techniques, systems, tools, time, or guidance to reach their goals.

What we do


We help these horse owners make the fundamental shifts they must make in their outlook and approach to horsemanship, in order to achieve their dreams. We do this through two effective modalities: Colt Starting Secrets (online) and Dream Horse Academy (in person). Our programs aim to create breakthroughs of understanding and confidence — helping horses and humans connect and achieve great things together. 

Our philosophy


We believe in making advanced horsemanship accessible. That means offering simple, proven techniques that are practical and effective — to solve problems and make horses and humans better. And we do it in a way that's fun and unpretentious. We like helping people who approach horsemanship with an open mind and sincere desire to improve. Because that combination allows them, with our guidance, to achieve powerful cooperation with their horses. 

Our story


Like most horse owners, we come from humble beginnings. Horses were a source of struggle and confusion in our early days, and we bounced between various mentors looking for help. We read books, watched videos, rode in clinics and attended seminars. We were confronted with loads of conflicting information, and tried to sort out the stuff that actually worked. It was like mining for gold; digging for the valuable little nuggets buried under mountains of rubbish. 


Then as aspiring professionals, we saw a different side of the industry. We learned what techniques worked and genuinely helped horses and riders advance. We also saw things that didn't work, or in some cases sabotaged people's efforts to do right by their horses. We took all of these lessons to heart, and gradually our own horsemanship philosophy emerged.

What originally kicked off our journey was a simple love of horses, and a desire to become the best horsemen we could be. These things have never wavered. But a weird side effect of becoming good at something is that, at a certain point, it's not about you anymore. A shift occurs where you stop focusing on yourself, and you start thinking more about how your skills can benefit others. 


This is the mission that drives us today — helping people build better relationships with their horses. Providing the knowledge and tools necessary to advance; without the trial-and-error, confusion and hardship we endured while piecing it all together. 


Contact us


The best way to contact us is via email.


You can also join our Newsletter to get quality emails from Jake Lundahl personally. 

Want to learn more? Check out our main website with full trainer bios, located here

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